Quick Ship Guarantee

 So you look high and dry, trying to find the best deal, and you think you've found it, but then you have no clue who the vendor is, they don't offer a solid warranty, or you feel like if you have a problem you will get the runaround? Here at Quick Ship Electronics, we think about these situations differently. If you have a problem, we wanna hear about it. For one year from the date of delivery, we'll stand behind our product 100%. Of course, we all have to have policies, so we try and make them fairly simple.

For functionality, this item comes with a 1-year warranty from the date of delivery. If a problem occurs, please contact us via email with a detailed description of the issue so we can assist you. If we are unable to assist, we will issue a Return Merchandise Authorization (an RMA for short) and in some cases, a prepaid label to have the item sent back for a replacement. If a replacement is needed, the same model or a comparable model will be sent.